100% Handmade | One-Of-A-Kind | Fair Trade Practice


Wayuu bags are a masterpiece. They are carefully crocheted by women from the Wayuu tribe in La Guajira, Colombia. Only small amounts are made because of their complexity and the method to make them.


The Wayuu produce the highest quality bags in Colombia. They are extremely strong and will last a lifetime. 


They are perfect for a night out, running errands, hiking or to take to the gym. It’s convenient and light, yet still carries all the essentials.




Made in La Guajira Desert, Colombia by the Indigenous Wayuu People

Material: Acrylic

Type: Handmade Bucket Bag

Approx: H 27cm (10.62") x W 22cm (8.66")

Please note. As the product is handmade, each bag can vary by 1 inch or so.

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